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  • Salero ajo granulado ECO 35 g


    Organic granulated garlic salt shaker of Chinese origin.

    The most representative aroma of Spanish cuisine. It helps improve blood circulation, is diuretic and energy tonic.

    It is used to season soups, stews, meats, fish, vegetables and pasta.


  • Ground moringa shaker ECO 25 g


    Ground Ecological Moringa cultivated and processed in Mallorca. Drying at low temperature. Not higher than 48º.

    The taste of moringa is pleasant and smooth. To take in infusions, stews, juices, etc.

    • High content of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and proteins.
    • Source of vitamins and phosphorus.
    • No added sugars.
    • Low fat and salt content.
  • Salero mejorana ECO 8 g


    Mallorcan organic marjoram salt shaker.

    The leaves have been selected dried whole at controlled temperature below 45 ° C.

    It is recommended to add to stews and roasts. Combines well with thyme to flavor tomatoes, pizzas and pasta in general. It has diuretic and antiseptic properties. It is an essential ingredient of Provencal herbs. It is often confused with oregano.


  • Salero cúrcuma molida ECO 30 g


    Ecological ground turmeric salt shaker from India.

    It is a natural dye. Essential ingredient of curry. It has a delicate spicy flavor.


  • Salero cominos molidos ECO 30 g


    Ecological ground cumin salt shaker from Egypt.

    It is a spice widely used in Spain in vegetable dishes and other stews. It is also part of the curry.

    Its flavor is strong and aromatic.


  • Salero tomillo limonero ECO 10 g


    Organic lemon thyme salt shaker.

    It is used for sauces, salads and meat dishes. Very used in white meats, especially for roasted or baked chicken. It has an intense and very fragrant taste. It combines very well with marjoram and rosemary.

    Use in vegetable dishes, in order to make them less flatulent.


  • Salero nuez moscada molida ECO 30 g


    Organic ground nutmeg salt shaker.

    It is added in sauces (such as bechamel or carbonara) and in the elaboration of sausages. It must be added at the end of cooking.


  • Salero pimienta blanca molida ECO 30 g


    Indonesian ground white pepper salt shaker from Indonesia.

    It is softer and more aromatic than black pepper. It is used in sausages and fish dishes.


  • Salero canela molida ECO 30 g


    Organic ground cinnamon salt shaker.

    Made with selected barks of the CASSIA and QUILLINGS / CEYLAN varieties from China and Sri Lanka.

    This mixture provides a balance between aroma and sweetness.