The dry fruits are very energetic foods, rich in fats, in potreins, as well as in trace elements. Depending on the type of nut, they can also provide good amounts of vitamins or omega 3.

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  • Dry pear tomato ECO 50 g


    Halves of dried tomato, of the pear variety.Harvested in Mallorca and dried at low temperature without the use of sulfur.

    Hydrate with a little warm water, a few drops of vinegar and salt.

  • Ramallet tomato flakes ECO 40 g


    Ramallet tomato flakes

    Ideal for soups, creams, sauces, salads or stews.

    Intense flavor.

  • Spicy almond snack ECO 50 g


    Toasted almond spicy "CIRERETA", the almond snack that its spicy touch will stop you from eating.

  • Almond Snack with Smoked Paprika Tap of Cortí ECO 50 g


    Toasted Almond Snack with ecological "Tap de Cortí ahumado", the almond snack that your smoked touch will prevent you from stopping to eat.

  • Coconut ECO 200 g


    Organic fine grated coconut.

    It is used for baking, both in the preparation of cake doughs and sprinkled on the cake. It can also be used for the preparation of sauces such as Curry.