The dry fruits are very energetic foods, rich in fats, in potreins, as well as in trace elements. Depending on the type of nut, they can also provide good amounts of vitamins or omega 3.

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  • Dry "Ramallet" tomato ECO 50 g


    Organic dry "Ramallet" tomato harvested in Mallorca.

    Drying at low temperature without the use of sulfur.

  • Almendra de Mallorca 250 g

  • Dry pear tomato ECO 50 g


    Halves of dried tomato, of the pear variety.Harvested in Mallorca and dried at low temperature without the use of sulfur.

    Hydrate with a little warm water, a few drops of vinegar and salt.

  • Mix of mushrooms 25 g


    From: Spain.
    Use: Moisturize in abundant hot water for 1 hour. Once hydrated it yields about 250 grs of fresh mushrooms.

  • National pine nuts ECO 80 g


    From: Spain, of the Real Pine.  Doñana Park.

  • Laminate Boletus Edulis 50 g


    Of soft smell, with pleasant aroma and sweet flavor, with notes of hazelnut.

    Moisturize in abundant hot water for 1 hour.

    Once hydrated augmenta 10 times its size.

  • Almendra de Mallorca 1 kg

  • Ramallet tomato flakes ECO 40 g


    Ramallet tomato flakes

    Ideal for soups, creams, sauces, salads or stews.

    Intense flavor.

  • Spicy almond snack ECO 50 g


    Toasted almond spicy "CIRERETA", the almond snack that its spicy touch will stop you from eating.

  • Chestnut flour ECO 250 g


    From: Galicia - Spain.

    The chestnut flour is ideal for baking bread and cakes, as it provides a delicious sweet taste.

    It is a flour can be used in numerous dishes (and not only sweet, but also salty).

  • Pistachio Snack ECO 250 g


    Ecological pistachio produced in Castilla-La Mancha.

  • "Senderuelas" Mushrooms 30 g


    Origin: Spain.
    It is consumed a lot in cooked, sautéed with parsley, cream or accompanied by white meats or sauces.
    Use: Clean in hot water until the water comes out clear. Moisten in abundant hot water for 1 hour and drain.