List of products by brand Especias Crespí S.A

Especias Crespí is a Mallorca company founded in 1945 and specialized in the preparation and commercialization of cooking spices and condiments.

We have so good products, especially those from the Island stand out, such as the Tap de Cortí paprika, a local variety recovered after years in disuse, as well as a great variety of spices and mixtures to produce all kinds of tasty and original recipes.

  • Black cumin ECO 35 g


    Black cumin / organic nigella.

    It has spicy exotic flavor and a slightly sweet nutmeg aroma.

    They are very rich to aromatize bread, salads, stews and stir-fry, sauteed potatoes, snacks, dressings and pickles, etc.

    It is immensely healthy and brings enormous benefits to the body.


  • Burguer Mix ECO 4 x 10 g


    Organic Darwin Burger Spices.

    Mix of natural spices to prepare Australian-style hamburgers.


  • Ceylan cinnamon sticks ECO 30 g


    Organic ceylan cinnamon sticks of Indonesian origin.

    It is used to aromatize and flavor desserts or infusions.

    It brings balance between aroma and sweetness without becoming spicy on the palate.

  • Coarse salt 50 g


    From: Spain.
    Sea salt for food, recommended for salting, cooking meat, fish and seafood with salt (baking).

  • Coconut ECO 200 g


    Organic fine grated coconut.

    It is used for baking, both in the preparation of cake doughs and sprinkled on the cake. It can also be used for the preparation of sauces such as Curry.

  • Fine Salt 1Kg


    Origin: Spain
    Sea salt for food, recommended for salting, cooking meat, fish and seafood with salt (baking).

  • Ground celery ECO 35 g


    Organic ground celery of Mallorquin origin, its origin is 100% organic celery.


  • Ground cinnamon salt ECO 30 g


    Organic ground cinnamon salt shaker.

    Made with selected barks of the CASSIA and QUILLINGS / CEYLAN varieties from China and Sri Lanka.

    This mixture provides a balance between aroma and sweetness.


  • Ground nutmeg salt shaker ECO 30 g


    Organic ground nutmeg salt shaker.

    It is added in sauces (such as bechamel or carbonara) and in the elaboration of sausages. It must be added at the end of cooking.


  • Ground turmeric ECO 35 g


    Organic ground turmeric of Indian origin.

    It is a natural dye. Essential ingredient of curry. It has a delicate spicy flavor.

    With a small amount you get a bright yellow color in the preparation of sauces and stews.

  • Laminate Boletus Edulis 50 g


    Of soft smell, with pleasant aroma and sweet flavor, with notes of hazelnut.

    Moisturize in abundant hot water for 1 hour.

    Once hydrated augmenta 10 times its size.

  • Mediterranean Herbs ECO15 g


    Ecological mediterranean Herbs with origin: Mallorca - Spain. 

    Mix of aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean, in the style of the "Hierbas de Provenza".

    A mixture that can be used in any type of dish you cook.