List of products by brand Especias Crespi

Especias Crespí is a Mallorca company founded in 1945 and specialized in the preparation and commercialization of cooking spices and condiments.

We have so good products, especially those from the Island stand out, such as the Tap de Cortí paprika, a local variety recovered after years in disuse, as well as a great variety of spices and mixtures to produce all kinds of tasty and original recipes.

  • Yellow mustard grain ECO 35 g


    From: Mallorca - Spain.

    Selected mustard seeds

  • Whole cayenne Calabrese ECO 15 g


    Whole cayenne of the Mallorca variety, "Calabrese".

  • Wheat starch 1kg


    Wheat starch is a powder produced through the elimination of proteins, including gluten, from wheat flour.

  • Vanilla sugar 50 g


    Vanilla sugar is widely used in the preparation of biscuits, muffins, custards and whenever a dish tastes a sweet vanilla flavor, even to sweeten a coffee.

  • Vanilla branch ECO


    Vanilla on organic branch.

    1 pod

  • Vainilla bourboun

  • Tila 30 g


    Infusion made with the fruit in the form of a flower of some of the species of the genus Tilia.

  • Sweet paprika Tap de Cortí ECO 75 g


    Sweet paprika from the Mallorquina Tap de Cortí variety.

  • Sweet paprika Tap de Cortí ECO 250 g


    Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" vintage 2019.

    Made with the exclusive local variety of pepper TAP DE CORTÍ of Mallorca.

    Selected by hand. Without tail. Drying with hot air at less than 60 ° C.

  • Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" shaker ECO 80 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorcan variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" shaker ECO 30 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorca variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Spicy paprika Smoked Cireretta Shaker ECO 30 g


    Origin: Mallorca - Spain.

    Spicy paprika from the Mallorquina variety Cirereta Ecological smoked with oak wood smoke.

    Especially indicated to give a spicy touch in the stews of both fish or meat and especially sauces.