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  • Pennyroyal mint 30 g


    From: Europe

    Use: Used in infusion with stomach and carminative properties. By containing menthol it also has anticongesting properties.

  • Small fennel ECO 35 g


    Small ecological fennel

    From: Mallorca - Spain

  • Eucalyptus 35 g


    From: Spain.

    Use: Put some leaves (about 3 grams) in very hot water and make mist. This is achieved nasal decongestion and facilitate breathing.

  • Sage 15 g


    Sliced ​​organic sage from Mallorca.

    Selected whole dried leaves at controlled temperature below 45 ° C. It is one of the best natural antibiotics.

    It is considered one of the key aromatic herbs. It is used in vegetables, legumes, soups.

  • Hibiscus

  • Luisa grass ECO 8 g


    Origin: Mallorca - Spain.

    Selected leaves dried at a controlled temperature below 45ºC.

  • Orange blossom 20 g


    Orange blossom from Spain.

    It is the orange blossom. It has soothing properties. Beneficial for insomia and nervousness. Use in infusion, with 10 - 15 grams per liter of water.

  • Mint 15 g


    From: Mallorca - Spain.

    Chopped selected leaves dried at a controlled temperature below 45ºC.


  • Star anise ECO 25 g


    Whole selected anise stars of Vietnam origin.

    Sweet and sour taste, widely used in Chinese meat, pork and duck meals.

    Taken as an infusion, it has qualities for constipation, lumbago, hernias and bladder ailments. It is diuretic and tonic for the heart.


  • Black tea


    It is stimulating. It is made by withering, rolling, fermenting and drying the tea leaves.

    It has an intense, aromatic taste, coppery-coloured cup.

  • Ecological Melisa 10 gr


    Origin: Mallorca - Spain

    Selected leaves dried at a controlled temperature below 45ºC.

  • Licorice sticks ECO 50 g


    Organic licorice sticks of Spain origin.

    It can be taken both as an infusion and as a chew.

    It is expectorant and soothing, protects the intestinal tract and is a mild laxative. He drinks cold.

    It is also used to give a very special flavor to sauces, meats and in gin and tonic.