Pure spices

Spices is the name given to culinary products with certain aromas of vegetable origin, which are used to preserve or flavor food.

Its great capacity to enhance the flavor allows great aromatic and tasty effects to be achieved in foods with very small amounts. They do not usually present nutritional contributions, except in some cases where minerals are present, such as calcium or iron, or some vitamin.

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  • Saffron poached ECO 1 g


    Seasoning based on saffron poached in oil and wine of Mallorca origin.

    Collected and selected by hand.

    Superior quality.


  • Four pepper grinder 35 g


    Balanced mix of different kinds of Black, White, Pink and Green pepper berries.

  • Vanilla branch ECO


    Vanilla on organic branch.

    1 pod

  • Ceylan cinnamon sticks ECO 30 g


    Organic ceylan cinnamon sticks of Indonesian origin.

    It is used to aromatize and flavor desserts or infusions.

    It brings balance between aroma and sweetness without becoming spicy on the palate.

  • Cardamomo grain ECO 25 g


    Cardamom in organic grain of Guatemala origin.

    Aromatize cakes, candy, pastries, ice cream and spirits such as gin and tonic.

    The best flavor is obtained from grinding the seeds in the capsule.


  • Nutmeg ECO 30 g


    Organic nutmeg from Indonesia, ABC variety. Without plastic.

    Nutmeg comes from myrrh, a tree that produces an apricot-like product. These contain nutmeg as their seed inside.

    It is used in sauces, pates and sausages. It must be added at the end of cooking. Scratch at the time of use. For example: bechamel.

  • Ground turmeric salt shaker ECO 30 g


    Ecological ground turmeric salt shaker from India.

    It is a natural dye. Essential ingredient of curry. It has a delicate spicy flavor.


  • Green pepper ECO 25 g


    Organic green pepper of origin: Kerlala-India.

    Malabar green pepper is obtained when the fruit is quite green, placed to dry by lyophilization and then macerated. It offers a mentholated, fresh, slightly spicy flavor and intense aroma. It has nice fruity notes that make it interesting for desserts.

    This pepper is low in itching. It can be rehydrated for use in broths, soups and pots. To flavor oils, sauces and brine.


  • Pimienta Tellicherry ECO 35 g


    Organic black Tellicherry pepper.

    Made with the selected TELLICHERRY berries from the Kerala region of India.

    Considered the best pepper in the world for its aroma of cedar, floral and cherry, with a medium itch.