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  • Dry pear tomato ECO 50 g


    Halves of dried tomato, of the pear variety.Harvested in Mallorca and dried at low temperature without the use of sulfur.

    Hydrate with a little warm water, a few drops of vinegar and salt.

  • Black tea 35 g


    From: Sri Lanka.

    Intense and aromatic flavor. 

  • Display box ground turmeric ECO 35 g


    Pack of 7 units of organic ground turmeric of Indian origin.

    It is a natural dye. Essential ingredient of curry. It has a delicate spicy flavor.

    With a small amount you get a bright yellow color in the preparation of sauces and stews.

  • Display box gound clove ECO 25 g


    Pack of 7 units of organic ground clove of Sri Lankan origin.

    It should be used with caution as it is very aromatic and has an intense flavor.

    It is essential for many cakes, as well as for cooked meat dishes and stews.

    It is also used as an air freshener and fly booster.

  • Display box chamomile mahón ECO 25 g


    Pack of 7 units of organic  chamomile Mahón of Mallorca origin.

    Like sweet chamomile, it has digestive, antiseptic and healing qualities.

    Especially it is indicated for slow digestions. As an external use, it is useful for conjunctivitis in the eyes.

  • Display box nutmeg ECO 30 g


    Pack of 7 units of organic nutmeg from Indonesia, ABC variety. Without plastic

    The nutmeg comes from the myristic, a tree that produces an apricot-like fruit. These contain nutmeg as their seed inside.

    It is used in sauces, pates and sausages. It must be added at the end of cooking. Scratch at the time of use. For example: bechamel.