Pepper and salt

Pepper of the world and salt

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  • Black pepper grinder 45 g


    Selected berries of Tellicherry from the Indian region of Kerala.

    Glass refillable ceramic grinder.

  • Four pepper grinder 35 g


    Balanced mix of different kinds of Black, White, Pink and Green pepper berries.

  • Green pepper ECO 25 g


    Organic green pepper of origin: Kerlala-India.

    Malabar green pepper is obtained when the fruit is quite green, placed to dry by lyophilization and then macerated. It offers a mentholated, fresh, slightly spicy flavor and intense aroma. It has nice fruity notes that make it interesting for desserts.

    This pepper is low in itching. It can be rehydrated for use in broths, soups and pots. To flavor oils, sauces and brine.


  • Ground white pepper salt shaker ECO 30 g


    Indonesian ground white pepper salt shaker from Indonesia.

    It is softer and more aromatic than black pepper. It is used in sausages and fish dishes.


  • Sichuan pepper 30 g


    Origin: Szechuan - China

    It has a touch of lemon, but it is pungent. It also highlights its aniseed flavor. Basic ingredient of the 5 Chinese spices.

  • Four peppers ECO 35 g


    Ecological balanced mix of different kinds of Black, White, Pink and Green pepper berries.

  • Black pepper ground ECO 50 g


    Organic ground black pepper from Indonesia.

    It has a fine ground so that it is diluted in the duck sausages. It has digestive, anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the absorption of other nutrients.


  • Pimienta blanca

  • Long pepper ECO 35 g


    Organic long-lived pepper from Sumatra- Indonesia.

    It was introduced in Europe before the other peppers, which were then displaced. It is also known as Java pepper.

    Its use can be combined for stews, winter soups or with goat cheese.


  • Pimienta rosa ECO 20 g


    Organic pink pepper of Brazil origin.

    False pepper shaker Known as Brazilian pepper or Christmas cherry.

    Sweet, citrus and little spicy flavor.

    Use in salads, decoration of dishes or oils. Exquisite with dark chocolate.


  • Ground white pepper ECO 35 g


    Ecological ground white pepper.

    Made with ripe pepper berries selected from Malaysia from the Sarawak area, which have been soaked and skin removed. It is softer and more aromatic than black. It is used in sausages and fish dishes.

  • Jamaican or British Pepper berries


    Sweet pepper berries

    Years ago from Jamaica, nowadays from Honduras or Guatemala.