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Products manufactured in Mallorca using raw materials from Mallorca

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  • BBQ 250 grs


    Tomeu Barbacoa is a mixture of organic spices.

    It is used for all types of meat, vegetables and greens. To prevent vegetables from drying out, they should be soaked in water and then marinated with olive oil.

  • Café Paris 250 grs


    Popular spice blend for herb butter. Café Paris is a flavour enhancer for fish, meats, sauces, raw vegetables, burgers, snails and potatoes.

  • Cirereta spicy paprika BIO 75 g


    Organic spicy paprika typical of Mallorca, is made with the exclusive native variety of hot pepper "Cirereta". Especially indicated to give a spicy touch in the stews of both fish or meat and especially in sauces.

    The Cirereta spicy paprika is not mixed with any kind of cayenne pepper to get its spiciness. The "pebre bord coent" (hot paprika) results from the grinding of the "Cirereta Capsicum Annuum". Once harvested and selected, they must be washed, split and dried at about 50ºC. After drying, its stalk is removed and it is ground.