Mallorca Products

Products manufactured in Mallorca using raw materials from Mallorca

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  • Almendra de Mallorca 1 kg

  • Almendra de Mallorca 250 g

  • Almond Snack with Smoked Paprika Tap of Cortí ECO 50 g


    Toasted Almond Snack with ecological "Tap de Cortí ahumado", the almond snack that your smoked touch will prevent you from stopping to eat.

  • BBQ 250 grs


    Tomeu Barbacoa is a mixture of organic spices.

    It is used for all types of meat, vegetables and greens. To prevent vegetables from drying out, they should be soaked in water and then marinated with olive oil.

  • Bean flour ECO 250 g


    From: Mallorca - Spain.
    Made with autochthonous beans from Mallorca. No added sugar. Low salt content.

  • Bombeta rice flour 250 gr


    Origin: Mallorca - Spain.

    Rice flour made with white rice pump cultivated in Sa Pobla (Mallorca), it is a rice that keeps all the flavor.

    Very appreciated for the peculiarity of its texture, which attracts the flavor of the seasoning.

  • Burguer Mix ECO 4 x 10 g


    Organic Darwin Burger Spices.

    Mix of natural spices to prepare Australian-style hamburgers.


  • Café París

  • Café Paris 250 grs


    Popular spice blend for herb butter. Café Paris is a flavour enhancer for fish, meats, sauces, raw vegetables, burgers, snails and potatoes.

  • Cayena molida pico de pájaro

  • Cayena pico de Pájaro 250 g

  • Cayenne flakes "Pico de pájaro" ECO 25 g


    Cayenne scales made with the exclusive variety of cayenne "PICO DE PÁJARO" grown in Mallorca.