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Products manufactured in Mallorca using raw materials from Mallorca

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  • Hot paprika "Cirereta" shaker ECO 30 g


    Hot paprika typical of Mallorca made with the exclusive autochthonous variety of hot pepper "Cirereta"

    Especially indicated to give a spicy touch in the stews of both fish or meat and especially sauces.

  • Sweet paprika Tap de Cortí ECO 250 g


    Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" vintage 2019.

    Made with the exclusive local variety of pepper TAP DE CORTÍ of Mallorca.

    Selected by hand. Without tail. Drying with hot air at less than 60 ° C.

  • Crespaella Meat 4 x 5 g


    Crespaella meat.

    Saffron with saffron.

    You can use the "Crespaella carne" to prepare soups of broth, rice, stews, stews and stews.

    Add it to the bottom of the paella and stir for a few seconds over low heat before adding water and rice (1 sachet for 4 people).

  • Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" shaker ECO 30 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorca variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Chickpeas Garbacorti ECO 400 g


    From: Mallorca - Spain.

    The Garbacortí are the result of the production of Tap de Cortí pepper. As it is an organic crop, the plantations rotate every four years and, in periods of rotation, the chickpeas are planted to provide nitrogen to the soil.

  • ECO sweet paprika Tap de Cortí 35 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorca variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Small fennel ECO 35 g


    Small ecological fennel

    From: Mallorca - Spain

  • Sweet paprika Tap de Cortí ECO 75 g


    Sweet paprika from the Mallorquina Tap de Cortí variety.

  • Mediterranean Herbs ECO15 g


    Ecological mediterranean Herbs with origin: Mallorca - Spain. 

    Mix of aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean, in the style of the "Hierbas de Provenza".

    A mixture that can be used in any type of dish you cook.

  • Purple Basil ECO 15 g


    Organic purple basil with origin: Mallorca - Spain.

    Selected whole dried leaves at controlled temperature below 45 ° C.

    Evokes Italian cuisine. It combines well in tomato dishes, both in salads and sauces. Also in vegetables and white fish. Also used to flavor oils or dressings based on oil and / or vinegar.

    Stimulates digestion, appetite and calms the nerves.

  • Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" shaker ECO 80 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorcan variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Dry "Ramallet" tomato ECO 50 g


    Organic dry "Ramallet" tomato harvested in Mallorca.

    Drying at low temperature without the use of sulfur.