Mallorca Products

Products manufactured in Mallorca using raw materials from Mallorca

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  • Smoked Flakes of Tap de Cortí pepper ECO 15 g


    Flakes of sweet peppers typical of Mallorca, of the exclusive native variety "Cirereta".

    Smoked with oak wood smoke.

  • Ground "Bird's Beack" cayenne shaker 30 g


    The salt shaker contains 30 grams of the exclusive "Pico de ave" variety grown in Mallorca.


  • Na Miriam Harissa ECO 4 x 5 g


    Na Miriam is a spicy harissa spice mixture.

    It is used to cook from tajines or couscous to grilled fish.

    It can also be used for something very simple like spreading pieces of bread.


  • Cayena pico de Pájaro 250 g

  • Saffron poached ECO 1 g


    Seasoning based on saffron poached in oil and wine of Mallorca origin.

    Collected and selected by hand.

    Superior quality.