Best sellers

  • Pistachio Snack ECO 250 g


    Ecological pistachio produced in Castilla-La Mancha.

  • Sweet paprika Tap de Cortí ECO 250 g


    Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" vintage 2019.

    Made with the exclusive local variety of pepper TAP DE CORTÍ of Mallorca.

    Selected by hand. Without tail. Drying with hot air at less than 60 ° C.

  • Laminate Boletus Edulis 50 g


    Of soft smell, with pleasant aroma and sweet flavor, with notes of hazelnut.

    Moisturize in abundant hot water for 1 hour.

    Once hydrated augmenta 10 times its size.

  • National pine nuts ECO 80 g


    From: Spain, of the Real Pine.  Doñana Park.

  • "Senderuelas" Mushrooms 30 g


    Origin: Spain.
    It is consumed a lot in cooked, sautéed with parsley, cream or accompanied by white meats or sauces.
    Use: Clean in hot water until the water comes out clear. Moisten in abundant hot water for 1 hour and drain.

  • Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" shaker ECO 80 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorcan variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Bombeta rice flour 250 gr


    Origin: Mallorca - Spain.

    Rice flour made with white rice pump cultivated in Sa Pobla (Mallorca), it is a rice that keeps all the flavor.

    Very appreciated for the peculiarity of its texture, which attracts the flavor of the seasoning.

  • Chestnut flour ECO 250 g


    From: Galicia - Spain.

    The chestnut flour is ideal for baking bread and cakes, as it provides a delicious sweet taste.

    It is a flour can be used in numerous dishes (and not only sweet, but also salty).

  • Ground Calabrese cayenne ECO 25 g


    The salt shaker contains 25 grams of the exclusive "CALABRESE" ground cayenne variety grown in Mallorca.


  • Haba tonka

  • Mahón camomile ECO 25 g


    Organic mahón chamomile of Mallorca origin.

    Like sweet chamomile, it has digestive, antiseptic and healing qualities.

    Especially it is indicated for slow digestions. As an external use, it is useful for conjunctivitis in the eyes.

  • Ground pumpkin salt ECO 30 g


    Organic ground pumpkin salt shaker.

    Drying at low temperature (-45 °C) to preserve all its properties.

    It is added in sauces to sweeten and in the preparation of broths, soups, smoothies and desserts. It is also used as a natural dye.