Paprika balls ECO 30 g

VAT included

Ecological paprika balls of Mallorca.

It contains 3 to 3 units (depending on weight). Dried at low temperature <45 ° C.

Hydrate for 1 hour in hot water. You can use pepper or whole meat. Remove the tail and seeds before use.


Recipe: Tagliatelle in paprika balls sauce with nuts.


-300 g spinach tagliatelle

-3 paprika balls (1 pineapple for all nuts) of nuts



-4 cloves of garlic

-Extra virgin olive oil and salt

For the sauce: the ñoras without skin. In a pan you fry the garlic with the pulps of the paprika balls and crush it. Toast the nuts and mix everything. Pour over pasta and stir to combine flavors well.


Data sheet

Cold and dry place.

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