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  • Ceylan cinnamon sticks ECO 30 g


    Organic ceylan cinnamon sticks of Indonesian origin.

    It is used to aromatize and flavor desserts or infusions.

    It brings balance between aroma and sweetness without becoming spicy on the palate.

  • Vanilla branch ECO


    Vanilla on organic branch.

    1 pod

  • Quillings Ground Cinnamon ECO 30 g


    Organic ground cinnamon of the Cassia / Ceylan variety.

    Made with the selected barks of the Sri Lankan variety. Superior quality.

  • Vanilla sugar 50 g


    Vanilla sugar is widely used in the preparation of biscuits, muffins, custards and whenever a dish tastes a sweet vanilla flavor, even to sweeten a coffee.

  • Cardamomo grain ECO 25 g


    Cardamom in organic grain of Guatemala origin.

    Aromatize cakes, candy, pastries, ice cream and spirits such as gin and tonic.

    The best flavor is obtained from grinding the seeds in the capsule.


  • Vainilla bourboun

  • Canela en rama cassia

  • Star anise ECO 25 g


    Whole selected anise stars of Vietnam origin.

    Sweet and sour taste, widely used in Chinese meat, pork and duck meals.

    Taken as an infusion, it has qualities for constipation, lumbago, hernias and bladder ailments. It is diuretic and tonic for the heart.


  • Ground cinnamon salt ECO 30 g


    Organic ground cinnamon salt shaker.

    Made with selected barks of the CASSIA and QUILLINGS / CEYLAN varieties from China and Sri Lanka.

    This mixture provides a balance between aroma and sweetness.


  • Haba tonka

  • Ground cardamom ECO 30 g


    Organic ground cardamom of Guatemala origin.

    It is a very popular spice and is part of the curry ingredients.

    Aromatize cakes, candies, pastries, ice cream and liquors (gin and tonic). The best flavor is that obtained from grinding the seeds in the seed.