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  • Green Basil ECO 15 g


    Organic green basil 

    Selected whole dried leaves at controlled temperature below 45 ° C.

    Evokes Italian cuisine. It combines well in tomato dishes, both in salads and sauces. Also in vegetables and white fish. Also used to flavor oils or dressings based on oil and / or vinegar.

    Stimulates digestion, appetite and calms the nerves.

  • Lemon thyme ECO 15 g


    Organic lemon thyme.

    It is used for sauces, salads and meat dishes. Very used in white meats, especially for roasted or baked chicken. It has an intense or very fragrant taste. It combines very well with marjoram and rosemary.

    Selected and manually processed sheets. Dried at a controlled temperature below 45 ° C.

  • Tomillo verde ECO 15 g


    Organic green thyme of Mallorquin origin.

    Selected leaves whole and dried at controlled temperature below 45C.

    It is a medicinal plant that is applied to treat infections of the respiratory system.

    Suitable for lamb and fish dishes. It is also used in vegetable dishes in order to make them less flatulent.


  • Savory ECO 15 g


    Ecological savory 

    It facilitates digestion in weak stomachs and is useful to stimulate and promote appetite.

    We can add it fresh or dried in meat stews, in soups or creams, in pasta dishes. Ideal for making oils and aromatic vinegars. He has a strong taste so his use in the kitchen should be used in small doses.

  • Good grass ECO 12 g


    Ecological Good Herb of mallorquin origin.

    It is used in soups, cooked and stews, adding some leaves. It can also be added in vegetables, stews and in the preparation of snails. It is very digestive.

    The leaves of good herb are very popular in cocktails, as is the Cuban mojito.

  • Parsley ECO 15 g


    Organic chopped parsley of Mallorca origin.

    It has a sweet and somewhat spicy taste.

    It highlights the flavor of other herbs and condiments in soups or stews.

    It is diuretic and suitable in vegetable dishes to make them less flatulent.

  • Rosemary Organic Cut 25 g


    Rosemary leaf chopped easily distributed.

    It can be used for meat dishes or infusion. It can also be infused with oil. To flavor stews, grilled or baked meats, especially lamb.

    It has been hand selected and dried at a controlled temperature below 45 ° C.


  • Cebollino

  • Marjoram eco 8 g


    Ecological marjoram of Mallorquin origin.

    The leaves have been selected whole by hand and dried at a controlled temperature below 45 °.

    It is recommended to add to stews and roasts. It can also be combined with thyme to flavor tomatoes, pizzas and pasta in general.


  • Dill tips ECO 15 g


    Ecological dill tips of Mallorquin origin.

    Selected and dried at a controlled temperature below 45 ° C.

    It has an aniseed and lemony smell, used as a condiment to make infusions to treat health problems such as heartburn. It is also diuretic and is indicated to treat digestive spasms and heavy digestions naturally.

  • Spicy cilantro ECO 15 g


    Organic spicy chopped cilantro of Mallorquin origin.

    It has a sweet and very aromatic taste.

    It is an essential ingredient of curry. Ideal for meat, poultry, vegetables and pickles dishes. It is bactericidal, digestive and stimulating.

  • Lemon grass ECO 20 g


    Lemon grass organic originating in Spain.

    Its flavor is citric and at the same time not very spicy, it must be used in small quantities.

    It is carminative, digestive and serves to treat flatulence. Also as an aromatic tonic and to decrease fever.