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  • Ground Cayenne "Bird's beak" ECO 15 g


    Whole Cayenne of the variety of Mallorca "Bird's beak"


  • ECO whole cayenne Bird's beak 15 g


    Whole Cayenne of the exclusive variety "Bird's Peak" cultivated in Mallorca.

  • Cayenne flakes "Pico de pájaro" ECO 25 g


    Cayenne scales made with the exclusive variety of cayenne "PICO DE PÁJARO" grown in Mallorca.


  • Cayena pico de Pájaro 250 g

  • Cayena molida pico de pájaro

  • Whole cayenne Calabrese ECO 15 g


    Whole cayenne of the Mallorca variety, "Calabrese".

  • Ground Calabrese cayenne ECO 25 g


    The salt shaker contains 25 grams of the exclusive "CALABRESE" ground cayenne variety grown in Mallorca.


  • Cayenne Calabrese powder ECO 4x5g


    Ground cayenne from the variety, "Calabrese", produced in Mallorca