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  • Semillas de cilantro

  • Small fennel ECO 35 g


    Small ecological fennel

    From: Mallorca - Spain

  • Green anise ECO 35 g


    Ecological green anise from Spain.

    Also known as Matafaluga or Matalauva.

  • Black cumin ECO 35 g


    Black cumin / organic nigella.

    It has spicy exotic flavor and a slightly sweet nutmeg aroma.

    They are very rich to aromatize bread, salads, stews and stir-fry, sauteed potatoes, snacks, dressings and pickles, etc.

    It is immensely healthy and brings enormous benefits to the body.


  • Ground coriander ECO 30 g


    Organic ground coriander of Italy origin.

    Its flavor is sweet and very aromatic.

    It is an essential ingredient of curry. Ideal for meat, poultry, vegetables and pickles dishes. It is bactericidal, digestive and stimulating.

  • Ground cardamom ECO 30 g


    Organic ground cardamom of Guatemala origin.

    It is a very popular spice and is part of the curry ingredients.

    Aromatize cakes, candies, pastries, ice cream and liquors (gin and tonic). The best flavor is that obtained from grinding the seeds in the seed.

  • Brown mustard ECO 35 g


    Ecological brown mustard of Indian origin.

    It is more bitter and spicy than yellow mustard.

    It is used in the production of sauces and marinades, mixed with white wine and / or vinegar of wine and other spices or fruits. It is used for dijon.

  • Yellow mustard grain ECO 35 g


    From: Mallorca - Spain.

    Selected mustard seeds

  • Ground yellow mustard ECO 35 g


    From: Mallorca - Spain.
    Selected ground mustard seeds.

  • Ground cumin eco 30 g


    Organic ground cumin of Egypt origin.

    It is a spice widely used in Spain. As in vegetable dishes and other stews.

    It is one of the ingredients with which curry is made. It is strong and aromatic flavor.


  • Cardamomo grain ECO 25 g


    Cardamom in organic grain of Guatemala origin.

    Aromatize cakes, candy, pastries, ice cream and spirits such as gin and tonic.

    The best flavor is obtained from grinding the seeds in the capsule.


  • Juniper ECO 35 g


    Ecological juniper berries native to Macedonia.

    The berries are aromatic and have a slight pine flavor, give a spicy touch to roasts, stews and chicken.