Mallorca peppers and cayenas, whole, in flakes and ground.

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  • Paprika balls ECO 30 g


    Ecological paprika balls of Mallorca.

    It contains 3 to 3 units (depending on weight). Dried at low temperature <45 ° C.

    Hydrate for 1 hour in hot water. You can use pepper or whole meat. Remove the tail and seeds before use.

  • ECO hot whole pepper Cirereta 15 g


    Whole spicy peppers typical of Mallorca from the exclusive indigenous variety of spicy pepper "Cirereta".

  • ECO whole cayenne Bird's beak 15 g


    Whole Cayenne of the exclusive variety "Bird's Peak" cultivated in Mallorca.

  • Whole cayenne Calabrese ECO 15 g


    Whole cayenne of the Mallorca variety, "Calabrese".

  • Cayenne Calabrese powder ECO 4x5g


    Ground cayenne from the variety, "Calabrese", produced in Mallorca