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  • Sweet paprika "Tap de Cortí" shaker ECO 30 g


    Sweet paprika of the Mallorca variety "Tap de Cortí".

  • Hot paprika "Cirereta" shaker ECO 30 g


    Hot paprika typical of Mallorca made with the exclusive autochthonous variety of hot pepper "Cirereta"

    Especially indicated to give a spicy touch in the stews of both fish or meat and especially sauces.

  • Whole cayenne Calabrese ECO 15 g


    Whole cayenne of the Mallorca variety, "Calabrese".

  • Crespaella Cuatro Especias ECO 4 x 5 g


    Crespaella 4 spices.

    You can use the "Crespaella 4 spices" to cook "Arròs brut", Mallorcan soups, "escaldums", stews, etc.

  • En Tomeu barbacoa 4 x 5 g


    In Tomeu is a mixture of barbecue spices with a spicy touch.

    Its use is for all types of meat, vegetables and vegetables. So that the vegetables do not dry out, they should be put in water and then marinated with olive oil.


  • Picalga Mix Tast ECO 4 x 5 gr


    Picalga Mix Tast.

    • Picalga Fish.
    • Picalga Potajes.
    • Picalga Pasta
    • Picalga Meat.

    Mix of spices, nuts, spices and seaweed.

  • Curry Mix Tast ECO 4x5 g


    Pack with the individual mix of 4 different curries:

    • Chilly Curry
    • Brocol Curry
    • Sweet Curry
    • Safarnari Curry.

  • Especias caracoles a la mallorquina