List of products by brand Especias Crespi

Especias Crespí is a Mallorca company founded in 1945 and specialized in the preparation and commercialization of cooking spices and condiments.

We have so good products, especially those from the Island stand out, such as the Tap de Cortí paprika, a local variety recovered after years in disuse, as well as a great variety of spices and mixtures to produce all kinds of tasty and original recipes.

  • "Senderuelas" Mushrooms 30 g


    Origin: Spain.
    It is consumed a lot in cooked, sautéed with parsley, cream or accompanied by white meats or sauces.
    Use: Clean in hot water until the water comes out clear. Moisten in abundant hot water for 1 hour and drain.

  • Almendra de Mallorca 1 kg

  • Almendra de Mallorca 250 g

  • Almond flour 250 g

  • Bay leaf bio


    From: Mallorca - Spain.

    Selected leaves dried at a controlled temperature below 45ºC.

  • Black cumin ECO 35 g


    Black cumin / organic nigella.

    It has spicy exotic flavor and a slightly sweet nutmeg aroma.

    They are very rich to aromatize bread, salads, stews and stir-fry, sauteed potatoes, snacks, dressings and pickles, etc.

    It is immensely healthy and brings enormous benefits to the body.


  • Black pepper grinder 45 g


    Selected berries of Tellicherry from the Indian region of Kerala.

    Glass refillable ceramic grinder.

  • Black pepper ground ECO 50 g


    Organic ground black pepper from Indonesia.

    It has a fine ground so that it is diluted in the duck sausages. It has digestive, anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the absorption of other nutrients.


  • Black tea


    It is stimulating. It is made by withering, rolling, fermenting and drying the tea leaves.

    It has an intense, aromatic taste, coppery-coloured cup.

  • Bombeta rice flour 250 gr


    Origin: Mallorca - Spain.

    Rice flour made with white rice pump cultivated in Sa Pobla (Mallorca), it is a rice that keeps all the flavor.

    Very appreciated for the peculiarity of its texture, which attracts the flavor of the seasoning.

  • Burger Mix ECO 4 x 10 g


    Organic Darwin Burger Spices.

    Mix of natural spices to prepare Australian-style hamburgers.


  • Canela en rama cassia